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Ice Cream Skate Shoe News

Every time Lil' Wanye appears on tv, he is rockin' bape gear and ice cream shoes or the bape sta.

The New or Second version of the Ice Cream Skate Shoe is in stores now!

The release date for the ice cream shoe is the 14th of March in the US. It is said  "expect Japan to be around the same time, and Europe is said to be soon after, but a time frame hasn't been set yet."

The price has been confirmed either, and it is possible that the Ice Cream Skate Shoes will retail for closer to $70!

The pink and brown versions are one of the hardest to find. Other colors for the launch date are yet to be confirmed/decided.

Also, the ice cream boutiques may not be around for a while yet. It's possible they will make a Spring 2006 appearance, but it's not guaranteed.